I use this blog to write about my experiments in software engineering. While I currently work daily in a software engineering job, those jobs are mostly quite repetitive and often a bit boring. This blog is more about my personal experiments on things I find interesting.

I currently live in northern Finland, but have had a few years in the Netherlands and in Canada. Still very much interested in international opportunities, conference participation, speaking, writing, job opportunities … This is one venue for that now that I do not work in a research position, which allowed for more opportunities in those areas.

You can also find me on twitter as @tkanstren. And on LinkedIn, … I also write on Medium, ẅith the cunning alias of @teemukanstren.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Excellent blog.. it would be nice if you have contact email or twitter. Wish to ask some doubts on AsusWRT scripts running. Thanks.

  2. Hi!

    Great to hear you have found the blog interesting.

    As you can see from my Asus posts, it has been a while since I worked with it, so I am not very fresh with that actually.

    Maybe try some resources such as the SmallNetBuilder ASUS forums? Lots of knowledgeable people there, including the author of the custom Merlin firmware..


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