Updating NOTA

I previously installed the wk20 version of NOTA. However, at that point I did not have the sense to document what I did to get it working.. So now I am trying to update to wk22 version and to document my failures. Lets start with the basics for dummies like me -downloaded all packages from […]

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Installing NOTA

I use Windows mostly, but NOTA requires a posix system to be compiled and used. I tried with Cygwin, figuring it might work but of course not.. So no more experiments with that, simply installed Ubuntu 9.04 with VMWare since Ubuntu seems to be used by the developers. This time it worked fine, whee.

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So after a longish time I wanted to try refreshing my C programming a bit. In my quest for an interesting platform to try out on, I recently came across Network On Terminal Architecture (NOTA, http://www.notaworld.org). I figured giving this a try might be interesting so I installed it and started looking.. Wonder what will […]

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