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getting java on n900

hoping to get some java applications running on my n900, let see. googling reveals some hints so

try to install “icedtea6”. supposed to be jre for arm based systems (like n900). previously i installed ssh server and some widget to tell me the ip. from the same subnet i remote ssh to the system with root login. then i do “apt-get install icedtea6”. install goes fine so it says.. could be i added some extras-devel to the repositories earlier so I am not sure where it found it. but hey, it found it so lets try it

ok, “java -version” says it is v 1.6.0_0. same goes for “javac -version”. so i guess it installed, although seems a bit dated for a version.. well should be enough for me to try. lets see later if i get anything runnning on it..