Collecting java.util.logging to log4j2

Everybody wants to write a log. And in Java everybody wants to write their own logging framework or at least use of the many different ones. Then someone comes up with logging framework framework such as SLF4J. OK but what was I about to say. As so many times, I had a piece of Java […]

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Installing JDK8 on linux (debian/ubuntu)

So how do I install JDK8 on debian etc these days when there seems to be some mess with Oracle licensing and linux package managers? Found some nice instructions at To summarize: Download the .tar.gz file for linux from Oracle website such as, and we unzip that to some nice and shiny directory. […]

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jetty nio issues

Trying lately to get Jetty to work with Jersey on my computers. getting those “Unable to establish loopback connection” and “Connection refused” errors. Googling this indicates it is a firewall issue but I had to try to debug anyway right.. So I tried to write some simple code to test if I had problems binding […]

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Java wildcard classpath

Since JDK 6 you are supposed to be able to write a classpath like java -cp * foo.Bar which should set the classpath to contain every .jar ending file in the current directory. But if you do this, it gives you an error that main class “xxx” could not be found, where “xxx” equals the […]

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