Accessing Android databases from device

(I thought I wrote this down..) Problem: how to access database on my Android device? solution: open command prompt cd to ANDROID_SDK_HOME cd platform-tools ./adb shell run-as applicantion.package.from.androidmanifest.xml cd databases ls ##and here is the list of your databases now, if we want to copy this to development computer, we do cp mydatabasefile.db .. cd […]

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setting up android uiautomator

create the ant build file: C:\>android create uitest-project -n myprojectname -t 1 -p c:\code\myproject build the test code: cd c:\code\myproject ant build push (upload) it to the device: C:\code\myproject>adb push c:\code\myproject\uitest\bin\myprojectname.jar /data/local/tmp/ run the test: C:\code\myproject>adb shell uiautomator runtest myproject.jar -c example.Test have to have junit3 jar file to write the code. not sure if […]

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