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mendeley on ubuntu

install per the directions on the website. which are nicely hidden. but why is there a separate dir for each ubuntu release? do i need to change it every time i update? every 6 months? for every app? geez hope not..

configure JDK on Ubuntu

installed openjdk-6. so how do i configure intellij (downloaded as a gzip) to start? needs JAVA_HOME

turns out the JDK files are put in /usr/lib/jvm directory. then the JAVA_HOME needs to be put in /etc/environment.

oh yes, and the javadocs are in openjdk-6-doc or something like that.

installing ubuntu (yes again)

nvidia driver install breaks the system. had to install 5 times. oh why do i alwaays try these crappy things..

the default oss driver for nvidia works but prompts to install the proprietary for better performance. installing this, or downloading it from nvidia and installing ( causes the X window system not to start at all. It seems to nuke Xorg.conf completely and something called GLX for nvidia is also not found. After running “X -configure” and replacing the xorg.conf file I could boot into X again. But all the images (the desktop) are upside down and right to left. yes the screen operates as if it was oriented normally and does not paint.. Oh yeah Ubuntu is so easy right..

I’d go to windows but what can I say.. Where’s my install disk?

and then for cmdline here

windows for the win.. oh noes what did i say. anyway i wanted to hage the open command window here feature that is default in win7 now and was also availeble in earlier ones as extra. seems there was this thing called nautilus-open-terminal in packages to be installed. lets see if it works i will try to reboot.. woohoo

mounting ntfs in ubuntu

in installing ubuntu 9.04 i somehow managed to get the install to detet my ntfs partition and install that to whereever i wanted to mount it to. in 9.10 i missed this option so dont know what went wrong. anyway i hadto look into manually installing this. so after some googling i installed ntfs-config with the package manager, along with something called mounttools. probably did not need the latter but hey it works now. a tool was added to the admin menu that allowed me to mount my ntfs drive. it did not let me configure the path as i wanted but oh well cant win them all. anything i set to it says it must be a name not a path.. not like it was any different from what it seemed to suggest but whatever..

and yes something to forget. there was a disk util in the menu installed by default by ubuntu but it did not let me mount it permanently. at least so it seemed. and i did not want to manually edit fstab with all strange options. the ntfs-config tool seems to do this for me so woohoo for tha.

ubuntu whining

ok so after running around on summer holidays and doing all kinds of annoying work and studies crap, i am back with attempts to do something silly..

so i installed linux, ubuntu 9.04 more specifically as a 2nd os for my desktop compewter. it seemed nice in the beginning, big difference from the old linux installs i tried over the years. but then i installed java packages. after this the java-docs “install” package kept failing because it wanted me to download the files manually and install them correctly before it would install it “automatically”. ┬áso I put the zip in /tmp and make the owner some specific user. great installer really. after this the ubuntu update manager kept failing on this forever until i downloaded this stupid zip manually. oh so great. something else like this of course but naturally i already forgot it. anyway now i am hugging my windows 7 again. of course i will go back in some time to see myself fail.