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new adventures

so what to do now that all that incredible nota poop was toasted..  read a book? watch a good movie? talk to wife? sit outside, watch the sunset, listen to the birds sing, smell the flowes, have a beer, relax and enjoy life? noo.. geek around with something equally useless and nerdy with the laptop glued to myself for a change.


so what happened since the previous posts as all has been quiet.. well all kinds of crap at the office to take my attention away from anything interesting. combine that with my external hd going click-click, that is deciding to stop working i no longer had the ubuntu or any of my nota stuff available. luckily (?) i didn’t really get anything much done before that with my nota experiments, so i will get back to that later when i get a new hd and redo everything i so cunningly documented here.. maybe this will help me remember to backup everything important. haha no.

Hello World!

The purpose of this blog is mostly to just to document information about my programing experiments so that I remember them myself the next week after doing something else for a while.. and to provide the random chance that someone might find it useful.

lets see..