Find my lost Android app signing key from IntelliJ

Over time I seemed to have lost my keystore password, that I needed to sign some Android app. Still had the keystore file though. IntelliJ also had the keystore password stored. So how do I get the password from IntelliJ?

There is a handy utility on github for this If you have the master password for IntelliJ, it decrypts all passwords stored in IntelliJ. Using this I was able to recover the signing password for my keystore.

This requires the security.xml file from IntelliJ where the passwords are stored. Where is this stored on OSX? Googleing for it, this seems to vary. None of the given options seem to make an sense. So we try “find / -type f -name security.xml”. This finds it in “/Users/myname/Library/Preferences/IdeaIC14/options/security.xml”. That’s how I finally got the keystore password.

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