elasticsearch notes #1

Playing with ElasticSearch (ES) lately. Few notes on that.

  • Index name only allows filename chars. For example, space is not allowed. So “index1” is ok, “index 1” not.
  • In theory type allows space (or so I think) but does that not work with curl so forget it. Better stick to basic chars of alphanumeric and underscore. So “type1” and “type_1” are OK, “type 1” is not.
  • Curl allows to define file to load with the character “at”, that is “@”. See examples below.
  • Default port where ES provides its REST interface is 9200, can be set in config.yml.
  • When updating to new ES: download and extract new version, copy over data dir, start. Hope it works, I have no idea if this worked or not.. 🙂

Most commands can be sent using HTTP commands with curl. For the GET commands, a regular browser should work as well. Some of the relevant commands so far:


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