miktex 2.9 x64 + texniccenter, invalid pdf

couldn’t get the install working. something about corrupt pdf in compiling, whatever i did.

some error about opening gui was visible at times

 go to miktex maintenance (admin) (in program menu), choose settings, install packages automatically to “yes”.
  go to miktex maintenance (admin) (in program menu), choose package manager, set internet connection and configure proxy.

for some reason texniccenter would still not load any of the files it needed (and not even give an error any more), even though the error previously seemed to be coming from missing packages. so opened the file in texworks, hit compile, and texworks proceeded to download the packages and install them. after this it also worked in texniccenter. oh yeah, give me ms word anytime..


One thought on “miktex 2.9 x64 + texniccenter, invalid pdf

  1. right, and then we still need to go to miktex settings, formats tab, choose latex, pdftex, pdflatex, tex -> build. and be sure to have closed all miktex windows before running this. after this general tab->refresh fndb, update formats. whooppeee. then the texworks thing.. which btw is located in the miktex install dir but inside miktex/miktex/bin/x64/… what a brilliant place.
    got this info from some other post somewhere, sorry to forget the source..

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