moving to eclipse + mercurial errors

ok so i decided to try once again to move to eclipse from my 10 years of intellij. it seems like a better experience not, perhaps due to my numerous attemps before and the added “features” that spam my code in intellij with the latest versions. so i had to integrate with my mercurial repository. the mercurialeclipse plugin actually seems better than most things i have seen, with nice support for commit+push and pull+update. sorta was always painful for me to do those separately. but it gave me a strange error about dotencode not being supported. so changing this in the preferences to point to the tortoisehg executable fixed it as specified in

Seems a bit strange to leave it broken like that. Well, if it works for me now..


BTW, I had real issues finding out how to enable the whole thing after installing the mercurialeclipse plugins. it was right click on project->enable sharing and then select mercurial. nicely enough it did at this point identify that the project was part of the mercurial checkout done on the parent folder (the workspace). but why not document this someplace to say how to enable the whole feature? same goes pretty much for the google windowbuilder toolkit (one of the reasons i wish to try eclipse again). it is great but how about telling how to really apply and enable it? it is right click file->open with->windowbuilder. but no mention on the tool website? basic documentation is obviously too hard for nerds

BTW2: (ok i overuse btw lol) I always struggled with the idea of how to import existing code into eclipse without requiring a new checkout from version control of whatever. now i figure that at least in the latest versions it works if you create a workspace on the parent directory and then “create java project” and name it the same as you directory where the project is checked out. it will then give you the option to use the existing project there, and mostly it works great. whooppee. i also figured out that the workspace should actually match the “project” in intellij and the “project” the “module” in intellij. which in turn leads me to realize this is actually a good tool for modularization if you figure it this way. well, good to learn that after 10 years eh.. 😀




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