using mercurial

i wanted to move my stuff from github to a googlecode mercurial hostinrg. github seems to have a nice way to download the code as a .zip file so i take that, unzip it and then what?

cd <projectdir-unzipped>

hg init

hg add

(the add seems to automatically recurse everything)

hg commit

hs push <repository-address>

this push thing requires the username and password for the remote repository

so, stack-overflow to the rescue

in the Mercurial.ini file we put in

myrepo.prefix = https://foo/bar
myrepo.username = my_uname 
myrepo.password = my_passwd

the point is that when i do a commit to a repository, it looks for the “https://foo/bar&#8221; in the configuration file and if found, uses that to read the username and password, if any are found. thats what i think of it anyway.

now i seem to have managed to create the repo and all.. whooppee.





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