mercurial install

there is a guide on the mercurial website

but it seems a bit vague on topics such as is the mercurial.ini file supposed to be there when i run the installer or should i create it. this one seems to also provide some useful info

now, i install kdiff3 as instructed from

which does not have a 64bit version it seems although the last change note refers to that. well, who cares

then we put kdiff3 on the path, which is in the directory

C:\Program Files (x86)\KDiff3

btw, if you type “system” into the search item in the start menu, it loads something called system configuration which is not the one where you set the environment variables but something completely different.. interesting.

then we create the Mercurial.ini file by copying the stuff from the mercurial wiki example to


that seems to have done the setup. now how to use it..


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