jira install notes

some notes from trying to install jira.

-the separate war deployment completely sucks with all the things being overly hard to configure. compare to hudson install etc..

-good tutorial: http://www.iainlbc.com/2010/08/tutorial-how-to-install-atlassian-jira-4-standalone-on-red-hat-enterprise-linux/

steps to do:

sudo mkdir /opt/jira

(apparently /opt is a place for optional stuff to install by user..)

sudo cp -R atlassian-jira-enterprise-4.1.2-standalone<insert-your-extension>/* /opt/jira/

(so you are not supposed to copy the unzipped dir but its contents..)

sudo mkdir /opt/jira/home

(so you did not just make the home dir in the first step but now you made it..)

sudo emacs -nw /opt/jira/atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/classes/jira-application.properties

(so this is where the config file is.. docs are very unclear)

change the line with jira.home to

jira.home = /opt/jira/home

now you would think you are done but not..

create a user to run jira

sudo adduser jira-tomcat

(enter whatever user details as it asks, make them up)

now we can try to run tomcat, the magic string being

cd /opt/jira/bin

sudo -u jira-tomcat ./startup.sh

but.. if you do that, it fails with error about cache dir if not everything else so we need this

sudo chown -R jira-tomcat work/ temp/ logs/ home/

after this you might think it works.. but not, fails with error about database in /opt/jira/logs/catalina.out

to fix, you need to create the “database” dir only noted in the comments of the jira website docs (eh?)

cd /opt/jira

sudo mkdir database

sudo chown -R jira-tomcat database/

and then..

cd bin

sudo -u jira-user ./startup.sh

and now it should finally work. if not, catalina.log i guess..


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