apache xmlrpc and a strange exception

running apache xmlrpc on my home machine i get a strange exception i never saw on my work computer:



Caused by: org.apache.xmlrpc.client.XmlRpcHttpTransportException: HTTP server returned unexpected status: ERROR


So what is this? Where is something wrong? Which end? And why?

After lots of wondering, including downloading the Apache XMLRPC source code and searching for”ERROR” with no results..

Well aftera long search it turns out I had uTorrent running. It reservers port 10000 that I was trying to use. Changing the port fixed that, as did shutting down uTorrent. Actually tried to shut it down earlier but did not note that it keeps the process running after closing all the windows.

So how can you find out which ports are in use and by which application? This is windows 7 so here is ..

netstat -ano

where a is for listing all ports (but doesnt for some reason? had me baffled there as well as port 10000 did not show up), adding n actually lists them all (doh?), and o gives the process id (pid).

Then what is the pid? open task manager, select “view->columns” from menu and add “PID”. Then you can sort the process list in task manager by the pid and find out what is the process taking your port..

Oh yes, and the error message in XMLRPC could be a bit more clear indeed..



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