ubuntu file sharing between users

well, regarding the previous post.. jira install just sucked too much so I gave up on it. seriously, i do not understand why do I need to edit a number of configuration files in different locations, download additional jar files, put them in some specific directories, etc. etc. What is wrong with just providing a war file to deploy and have me edit a single config file inside it?

But then the issue of today. I wanted to install felix to be shared by hudson and my own build environment. How do I do that in Ubuntu?

Well.. create a user group. lets name it “sharing-my-files”. lets have a user named tomcat6 we want to add to it.

“groupadd sharing-my-files”

“usermod -a -G sharing-my-files tomcat6”

now we make a directory and set it to usable by the group

“sudo mkdir /my-share-dir”

“chown :sharing-my-files -R /my-share-dir”

“chmod 2660 -R /my-share-dir”

the S in ls could be sticky bit to allow only owner to delete etc.. but dont trust me

and if you want to export and environment variable, edit /etc/environment file (for example, to have this dir exported)

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