mounting ntfs in ubuntu

in installing ubuntu 9.04 i somehow managed to get the install to detet my ntfs partition and install that to whereever i wanted to mount it to. in 9.10 i missed this option so dont know what went wrong. anyway i hadto look into manually installing this. so after some googling i installed ntfs-config with the package manager, along with something called mounttools. probably did not need the latter but hey it works now. a tool was added to the admin menu that allowed me to mount my ntfs drive. it did not let me configure the path as i wanted but oh well cant win them all. anything i set to it says it must be a name not a path.. not like it was any different from what it seemed to suggest but whatever..

and yes something to forget. there was a disk util in the menu installed by default by ubuntu but it did not let me mount it permanently. at least so it seemed. and i did not want to manually edit fstab with all strange options. the ntfs-config tool seems to do this for me so woohoo for tha.


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