ajax there, now its nowhere

well i had enough of my fun with playing around with ajax. now my poopoo little application seems to be working somewhat ok. all i wanted was a simple webpage where a table is displayed and this is updated with new data until the server has finished processing it. this required both modifying existing table cells and adding new rows. so all in all it was pretty simple but i had plenty of problems when I used wicket refreshing table since i did not realize this would make it refresh the whole table all the time. instead of just updating the single row I wanted. had all sorts of issues but in the end changing it to different type worked. sure, if I remembered what I did I would write it here. So maybe later when I finally manage to get my newly installed ubuntu 9.10 set up with the development environment I use. Yes, I managed to crash it with updating and then trying to get my radeon to work. blaah well now there was a new version from ati so the 9.10 rc with that is again working.. for how long who knows.


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