ubuntu whining

ok so after running around on summer holidays and doing all kinds of annoying work and studies crap, i am back with attempts to do something silly..

so i installed linux, ubuntu 9.04 more specifically as a 2nd os for my desktop compewter. it seemed nice in the beginning, big difference from the old linux installs i tried over the years. but then i installed java packages. after this the java-docs “install” package kept failing because it wanted me to download the files manually and install them correctly before it would install it “automatically”. ¬†so I put the zip in /tmp and make the owner some specific user. great installer really. after this the ubuntu update manager kept failing on this forever until i downloaded this stupid zip manually. oh so great. something else like this of course but naturally i already forgot it. anyway now i am hugging my windows 7 again. of course i will go back in some time to see myself fail.


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