tptp whining

i was hoping to look at eclipse tptp to see what it provides and if i could make some use of it for my stuff. all the install instructions tell me to go to update manager or some other strange application. of course there is no such thing or any reference to this in the docs. but.. under help there are choices to “check for updates” or “install new software”. at some point i also find this mentioned in other website i look into in my quest to get this poop working.  if something like this is mentioned, it is under completely different name (the menu seems to have changed for 3.5). Apparently I need to choose “install new software” to add new plugins for my eclipse installation. How about just calling it a “plugin manager”? Then I have to choose where it looks for the plugins. Which is called “work with”. What the hell is the logic with this naming and UI design?

Further in the dialog, I get to choose what I want to work with. Default choises are “The Eclipse Project Updates” or “Galileo”. Of course trying to update Eclipse with new plugins has nothing to do with “Eclipse Project Updates” but I need to choose “Galileo”. Well the crap keeps failing and failing as I try to install TPTP. After getting it to install I get to look for the documentation.. Which is really really weak.. oh dear..

And yes, I wanted to checkout a project from SVN. There is of course no SVN support for Eclipse installed by default. And this is not available in either of the given plugin install thingies (eclipse updates or galileo). So I install subclipse from Not like SVN would be a used feature in development or anything… Much more useful are all the strange crap you get by default for all the strange technologies.

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